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I am a professional registered nurse recently retired from a long career in hospital nursing.

I found that when overly stressed, I would grab my camera and go off alone to loose myself in nature.

I began looking at nature more closely and realized I could create a piece of art by isolating a subject in the frame. My film camera eventually gave way to the instant gratification of the digital camera.

I enrolled in local colleges and took art and photography courses and I continue to study in workshops and seminars.

I became involved with a local camera club in 1998 and I discovered my fierce competitive nature which helped my photography evolve from snapshots to “floral portraits”. I credit many of my camera club friends for my growth in photography. It was their willingness to share information and their encouragement that pushed me to new levels. I have also been greatly influenced by the work of Georgia O’Keefe and Joyce Tenneson.

I view each flower as an individual with distinct character, drawing the viewer into the photo with a sense of its fragrance and the feel of its petal. I try to portray the sensual beauty of the flower. Some of my newer work has become more abstract as I enhance some work with applications in PhotoShop.
Some of my works are on permanent display at New Island Hospital in Bethpage, NY and Stony Brook University Hospital in Stony Brook, NY.

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